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Chantek The Signing Orangutan

Chantek is a twenty-two year old male orangutan who was enculturated and taught to use sign language by anthropologist Dr. H. Lyn Miles. Join the Chantek Foundation and help support research with Chantek as well as create a new Primate Cultural Center for enculturated ape persons, like Chantek. If you want to support the research and help with funding, it's quite easy to do now. With this amazing gaming site we found that helps businesses and organizations like ours, they cut their margins for players who enter from the link from our site. In fact, you get a superior casino bonus than the usual one and an ability to initiate a full payout at any time. This way you are having fun, helping us out, and even have a chance to win some cash on the side.

  • You can become a member of the Chantek Foundation. Please send us your name, address, and phone number with your membership category and check or money order to: Chantek Foundation 2100 Roswell
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  • NOW SHOWING! The fascinating and moving story of Dr. Miles and Chantek is told in “They Call Him Chantek” a documentary film produced by Jane-Marie Franklyn, and filmed by Emmy Award winning
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  • Dr. Miles and the Chantek Foundation have a vision of the future . . . where great apes in captivity can live in comfortable surroundings, can make choices in their daily lives about their activities,
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